Salmon Ceviche (Lax Ceviche)

I have tried many different types of ceviche, mostly Peruvian style (for obvious reasons) and in my humble opinion the salmon ceviche is the best.  It combines the spice of the aji with the acidity of the lemons and the fatty flesh of the salmon into a delicious dish winter or summer.

This dish is created Peruvian style but it’s not authentic. Peruvians use a white fish and rarely eat salmon. It’s just not readily available in Peru. So if you ask a Peruvian if they ever had Salmon Ceviche they are likely to respond: “Salmón ceviche? ¿Estás loco?”


Salmon (keep it cold  and very,very fresh)
Yellow aji (peruvian aji amarillo)
Salt and pepper

Instructions :

Cut the salmon in square pieces about 1,5cm by 3cm each
Make a mix with lemon juice (quantity of lemons depends how much fish or taste you like), salt, peper and aji.  Put the pieces of the salmon in a bowl and add the lemon, aji marinade.  Chop very  small pieces of ginger. scalions and rocoto aji, put on top of the fish as a presentation.

You may add pieces of potatoes, sweet potatoes, a corn and letuce, but it is up to you.

Warning:  Don’t forget to put the mix of lemon just  a few minutes before serving.  If you let the fish sit in the lemon marinade for an extended period of time it will be overcooked.

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