Friend or Foe?


It has come to this…Are you a friend or no?

Not me or your neighbor.  It’s Google that is telling us that to shape up or  you will not be seen on search if you are not mobile friendly. At least not top positions. 

If you have been living under a rune stone deep in the Swedish woods for the last few years you might have missed that we are all using mobile devices more than desktop devices. Search used to be conducted from the desktop but today we are all using our mobile phones and tablets to find our favourite Swedish tofu recipe or the nearest mexican food truck.

If you have not converted your web presence to be mobile friendly , your site on Google will not be as visible as in the past.

But don’t fret, you can test your site on Google’s own testing site:

Enter your URL and let me  now how you did.

And if Google tells you that you are not their BFF and you want fix, there are plenty of help out these.

It’s a big deal to lose your rankings on Google because you are not that friendly but it’s not a big deal to fix it. 

Friendly greetings


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