11 Months with Prostate Cancer -cover

11 Months with prostate cancer by Chuck Roberts


I depart from my normal activity around technology and the web to share a book. My good friend Chuck Roberts wrote a very important little book that I think every man (and woman) should read and discuss: “11 Months with Prostate Cancer”.

He describes the bumpy journey from the early symptoms and being diagnosed with prostate cancer to hearing the powerful words from his urologist: “You are cancer free”. Now he want to share his story because when he tried to learn about prostate cancer he discovered that information was hard to find. It should not be that way in the age of information overload.

Men are not fond of sharing our health issues and we avoid going to the doctor. Unless we have to. Women are much better at it and you can see it clearly in how public we are with breast cancer compared to prostate cancer.  We need to talk about this.

I lost an uncle earlier this year to prostate cancer. I knew nothing of his disease until his final days. Maybe he could have lived for a few more years had he checked his PSA levels and talked to a urologist.  Read the book and discuss on 11months.net and on the web.